There is so much talk about positive thinking and affirmations, and acceptance.

But not enough importance gets put onto the power of refusal.

Our modern society has been built on trying to create things “we can’t refuse”.

The economy runs on it. It’s been engrained into our psyche.

But if you want to run in your own directions in life.

Supply + Demand = Sales. No demand, no sales. So demand needs to be manufactured. And western society has gotten really, really, really good at it.

So many of us have our powers of refusal atrophied. Weak. Except for a few automatic ones:

When someone offers you drugs on the street, and invites you down a dark staircase in a back ally - what do you do? You refuse.

But what do so many of us do when we our minds offer us guilt and invite us down a dark staircase of justification and into a labyrinth of BS justifications? Way too often we go along with it.

We’ve been conditioned by society to give into all of our own emotional drugs of shame and lack and craving.


It is huge. It cannot be understated. It taps into your will in a massive way and recruits the primal tools you already have laying dormant within you.

The most important place to use it on a constant basis, is with yourself. Inside.

Try it with the emotions that you’ve been trying to “let go of”. Refuse them.

Try it with the conplacency inside you that won’t seem to go away. Refuse it.

Try it with failure. Refuse even think about it.

Refuse. REFUSE. And watch an unexpected feeling inside you of power and excitement start to build.

Keep going with it.

This feeling that utilizing your power of refusal brings, is a unique and intoxicating feeling. It’s different. It feels amazing, but is more raw, less fluffy. Be ready for it.

It feels like a raw energy that starts to build out of nothing, in the very moment you start exercising your ability to do it. Reaffirming that all the power you have ever needed, and will ever need is already inside you. You just need to be able to tap into it on command, and this is how.

Keep with it and that energy starts morphing into a propulsion towards the things you actually want. The positive stuff is already in there.

The refusal instantly starts cutting the ties to the negative, and to the wasted thoughts and emotions inside you that are depleting your energy in steady leaks throughout your moments and days and months.

Refuse. And keep refusing. Build up it’s momentum and energy and your ability with it over time.

Get your edge back.

Do the things you really want to do, and refuse to give into any lingering feelings in that space that are obstructing the way forward.


  • Fear - what is something you could pull off if you absolutely refused letting fear gain ground?

  • Shame or Guilt - they are false. Refuse them.

  • Feeling incapable - also bullshit. Refuse it.

  • Or a goal: I refuse not to ________________ or I refuse to not be the type of person who does _________

Caveat: before you even start you need to know with certainty that all of this refusal is something you can feel good about. It’s life positive. Don’t let fear of taking your power back stop you before you start. Refuse that, too.

You already know what you love doing. You already have dreams inside. We don’t need to tell you what those are, and honestly, we can’t.

But we can tell you that if you refuse the bullshit that is beating you up inside, you’ll feel so alive, and will find an intense renewed energy for things you may have even given up on.

Live your life. And refuse to let anything dim what that life could be.

Gordon SwensonComment