It’s more than just enjoying staying home, ordering door dash and falling asleep at 9pm on a Friday night, instead of going to that dinner with friends of friends.. and then waking up before 8am, sober, rested and surprisingly energized on a Saturday morning..

The self-Improvement space is getting crazy busy.

With social media becoming ubiquitous - there are endless new “friends”, and event invites, and seemingly exciting things we should be doing with our lives.

And with the ubiquity of information along with social media’s rise, there are now endless “experts” out there.

To stay relevant, a lot of them are trying to build their “brand”, and a sure fire way to do that is if they have something new, something we all “should” be doing, that seems plausible, has reasonably science-y sounding benefits, they’ll catch some attention.

A lot of the stuff can be great. I admittedly do cold showers in the morning, and make decaf bulletproof coffees once in a while and practice intermittent fasting… intermittently. ..All three can be great. But none are required to be happy. To be productive. To have great relationships and to achieve badass things:

“The temptation to feel like you’re not achieving success because you’re not taking cold showers is ridiculous.

Did Nelson Mandela take cold showers?
Did Rosa Parks take cold showers?
Did Martin Luther King take cold showers?”

That’s a quote from a quick read but an awesome article by Tim Denning on why space is so important - and not letting everyone fill it for you with their answers:


Take your JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) and yes, apply it to the drinks or parties that will throw you off of your solid sleep routine. But also take some joy in applying that same scrutiny to your space in the mornings. Enjoy missing out on all the self-improvement hacks that are piling up around us, especially if you’re spending your time doing what you set out to do.

You don’t need to be like Tim Ferris, or Wim Hof, or Dave Asprey - you need to be you.
And you need a healthy amount space to get and stay connected to that.

Gordon SwensonComment