This should never be forgotten:

Welcome to the never ending day 1.

One of the greatest, most redemptive things in life, is that when make a choice to change things, it becomes day 1.

Then add to that, the reality that you can make a choice like that, at any given moment, and it hits you pretty hard, and pretty quick, that you’re free. Always.

It’s always day 1 when you decide it is.

You made the choice to be here, and I’m grateful as hell for that. Be grateful to yourself as well - because this is crazy (literally, I’m sure your friends will tell you that if you invite them to do this with you, ha.) There’s something about sharing bold choices with great humans which is one of the greatest joys in life. Hands down. So let’s do this.

Nothing fancy here - because on day 1 (every day), you don’t need any of that. You just need to seriously enjoy the time and space you carved for yourself, and keep that day 1 attitude with you all the way through.

Life is a crazy gift. Go do some crazy things with it.

Here’s a jam to get you going.


Gordon SwensonComment