How do you breathe normally? I bet a lot of us don’t even really know.. it just kind of happens. Which is a beautiful part of breathing. One less (mission critical) thing to worry about.

Only prob with letting it be.. is that we live in a jacked up society. One where fight or flight is constant, (our brains can’t tell the difference between a tiger about to eat us and giving a power point presentation).

So environmentally, you can take with some certainty that your breath is probably messed up - gaspy, short, held and overall helping you prepare to escape.

Hard to change the environment completely. But because breathing is one of those magical things that takes care of itself, but also gives us the ability to take the wheel and drive, we can have a MAJOR effect on how we feel and perform in the middle of it all.

Here are 3 types of breathing for you to practice and literally make your life better today. Like right now.

  1. Water breathing (always good): hydrate your nervous system and get back in balance. Will bring you up if you’re low, or calm you down if you’re anxious.

    1. Balanced nervous system

    2. Inhale for 1…2…3…4… —> exhale 4…3…2…1… repeat on loop.

  2. Whisky breathing (when you need to sleep): good for going to sleep, not for driving or just before the powerpoint presentation.

    1. Parasympathetic nervous system

    2. Inhale for 1…2…3…4… exhale for 8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… repeat on loop

  3. Coffee breathing: good to bring you up, but not healthy all the time and not too late at night.

    1. Sympathetic nervous system

    2. Do 3 rounds of 20 sharp, quick, shooting breaths out your nose and don’t even try to inhale at all (it will happen by itself)

There’s a ton more to this art of breathing with insanely fast and practical benefits. Wim Hof has brought a lot of good stuff to the mainstream, as well as Holotropic breathing.

Any way you look at it, it’s powerful stuff - and it’s something we can all change right now.

However you do it - enjoy every breath.

Gordon SwensonComment