Stress… ugh. Exhausting just to use the word sometimes.

We all know it’s correlated with heart disease, high blood pressure, early death.. etc. etc.

But it seems to be baked into life. Especially if we are seeking fulfillment in life.. and feeling truly fulfilled generally comes from the pursuit of our potential. Overcoming obstacles, overcoming ourselves and continually breaking through - whether it be for work, play, relationships etc.

Life is overflowing with those “stressors” everywhere we look. Especially if we are in that growth mindset - the stress of working to fill the gap to become who we want to become, can be a constant source of tension.

But it’s healthy tension... right? Because it is part of the path to get where we want to go.

But it’s unhealthy tension… right? Because it’s correlated with heart disease and taking years off our life…

This is the paradox to unlock: if we can view our stress (that “negative thing”) as healthy, it actually becomes positive and loses it’s correlation to heart disease etc etc.

But if we do view that stress as harmful… it becomes that way.

Watch this video. Throw it on 2x speed if you need to, but it’s an awesome view into stress - how it is actually a really good thing, and if we view it as a really good thing, embracing it, it loses all of the negative effects. They literally fall away in studies where they compared two groups: group a.) believed stress was bad. Group b.) believed stress was good. Group b.) = unharmed by stress.. and probably will get a lot more done in life because stress is generally one of the prices of growth!


Gordon SwensonComment