There is one recipe for the freedom of suffering.

It’s not going to be exactly what you were hoping for.

But it will absolutely free you from suffering.

“Suffering is pain resisted”

-David R. Hawkins

Let that sink in.

That means pain is an inevitable part of life.

That means that pain itself is not suffering.

That means that resistance itself is the cause of all suffering.

That means suffering doesn’t exist outside of our mentation and resistance about it.

So what is resistance?

Resistance is avoiding something strongly (or subtly). It’s wishing something was different. It’s craving freedom from the truth of this moment. It’s avoiding the truth of this moment. It’s creating a story about how the unchangeable reality of ‘now’ is wrong. It’s buying into the repulsion by your subconscious to something it doesn’t want right now or ever or doesn't feel like it deserves. Resistance is comparing this moment to old moments or desired moments.

So what is non-resistance?

Non-resistance is letting every single feeling that exists inside of you right now, be there, and to allow them to be as they are in each moment without trying to change them. Full acceptance is freedom from suffering.

If you can be free from suffering you’ll quickly realize that you lose the insane struggle to get free of the “pain”. The pain will just become a sensation that you can either take steps to remedy, or accept until it passes. No resistance. No suffering. But also not apathetic.

Scan your life - what is bringing you suffering right now? What about that situation are you resisting? What outcome do you “not deserve”? What feelings do you not want to have? What sense of identity are you not willing to let go of, or to let change? What have you lost that you are trying so hard to not allow to slip through emotional fingers?

Let go of all resistance to what is. Because friend - what is, is life. It is the absolute reality of the world as it has come to be and has very little, if anything, to do with you. Your back pain just is. Your broken heart just is. Your painful workout is what you signed up for. All of it is the way it is.

Resist nothing.

And be free from suffering for the rest of your time here. Not free from pain. But free from something worse than pain - the insanity inducing stagnate, swirling, cloudy and endlessly draining energy of resistance. Give yourself the gift of clean pain. Clean joy. Clean love. Clean laughter. Clean happiness. Don’t resist any of it. Embrace life and it will keep flowing for you.

Gordon SwensonComment