Faith has become a five letter word.

I’m not advocating any religious beliefs here, but hear me out for a minute.

Faith, is the foundation of science: the belief that something can be discovered that isn’t currently known.

If we think x, search via y we may be rewarded with x=true.

Then we have something we can truly believe.

Faith is the foundation of change and growth.

When you do something new, for the first time you have faith in two things:

  1. That other people having done it previously prove it’s availability for you if certain conditions are met = faith in their proof of possibility.

  2. That you have enough of the conditions required present to choose to bring that thing about = faith in your proofs of possibility.

A lot of people say you should believe in yourself. But I think that’s bullshit. Because you’re lying to yourself.

Every time you do something, the conditions are different. That means even if you proved it to yourself previously, you could believe executing something under those same conditions, but once the conditions have shifted in a material way, faith is, by definition, required again.

Having faith in yourself means that you just fucking know, somewhere inside you, you have the spark and the skills, or ability to acquire those skills, to do the thing you want to do.

Having faith in yourself means that you don’t believe you “can” do something. It means that you believe you “could” do something.

That’s energizing because while you still have to earn it, it doesn’t set you up for a shame drop.

If you believe you can do something - that quickly becomes belief that you “should” do that something. Which if the opportunity passes, means you know are carrying a heavy belief that you “should’ve” done that something.

That’s why belief in yourself vs. faith in yourself can be a crazy burden to carry over time.

What if someone else believes in you? Have faith in their wisdom and awareness. But don’t believe them.

Prove it.

I heard an incredible quote today:


Damn. It resonated so hard inside me. I don’t WANT to believe I can do something. I want to have faith in my ability to become the person capable of doing that something.

And suddenly with the slightest re-frame, energy poured in. Burdens fell off, and an excitement for discipline came in that I haven’t had in years.

Have some faith in yourself. Like unshakeable faith - find those sparks of faith inside yourself that you can’t look away from. The sparks of things you HAVEN’T done yet, or have seen glimmers of. The things that somewhere inside you just know and hope and dream you are capable of becoming.

Then you can have faith in yourself throughout the whole process, without seeing any major results right away.

The faith will keep you energized.

The action will keep you excited.

The successes will earn you the belief.

And the faith in what’s next for you will keep it going.

Try this on - what do you have faith that you could do? Play with that, let it expand and grow. It keeps the door of creativity open, the shadows of shame out and keeps the energy of possibility coursing through you.

You still have to work that possibility into reality. You need energy to work. You need excitement to endure discipline. When those fail, sure you will have to have a capacity to suffer sometimes.

Have faith in what your inner self knows it wants and could do with this life of yours.

Love this track. Lyrics are awesome - pasted them below for you!
Hope you have a golden day.

Mind on Fire

Aisha Badru

Have you seen the girl with the mind on fire?
She set out to tell the world how they suppress our desires
Said she wouldn't back down till the rules were amended
And she didn't give a fuck who she offended

Have you seen her now?
Have you seen her now?
I've been spending all day trying to track her down
Have you seen her now?
Have you seen her now?
I wonder if she ever made it past this town

Have you seen the girl with the heart as big as the sea
She looks just like you and just like me
She set out to find humanity
And the keys to set her lovers free

Tell me, have you seen her now?
Have you seen her now?
The rumor is the nine to five is weighing her down
Have you seen her now?
Have you seen her now?
I wonder if she ever made it out this town

Gordon SwensonComment