Today, nothing to soak up or think about - just do one thing before you get on with your morning - drop one quick note on us in the group.

Share one thing you’re stoked on in life right now, one thing you’re struggling with, one thing you hope to get more of or to pull-off in your life, or share something funny or a cool picture what you see out there this morning (anything). Anything human.

You don’t have to waste time thinking about it, just be spontaneous - free-wheel with whatever feels good to you. Then get after your morning routine.

Time and time again - people at the end of their lives talk about how connection and relationship are what matters most in life, how they wished they’d spent more time on them.

You’ve got some people here with you who are all doing what they can to get more out of life… you might not know everyone, but we know a decent amount and can speak to how great a lot of the people here are. Don’t be shy, and don’t hold back and don’t worry about being perfect.