Competence Amnesia


Mission this morning: remember those moments where you were proud of your damn self.

Don’t shrug this off. Don’t let it slip on account of being humble - humility isn’t shrinking or meekness, it’s about standing for the truth.

What moments, big and small, do you remember that you can look at and feel proud who you are and what you did.?

Maybe you pulled it all together for you kids and family when they might not have even known what you had to pull off? When you overcame a fear you’d had for a while. When you turned a part of your life around. When you dedicated yourself to someone or something else. When you had a big win at work that was the culmination of time and dreams and work and self belief.

There’s got to be a ton of them. Pull them up and remember.

And then have a moment of honesty - how often do you focus on those moments? Remember them? Feel them? Use them as your anchors to define your real sense of self, instead of using ‘shortcomings’?

Make a commitment to keep them with you. On quick recall.

Because that’s what’s true about you. And If one of the greatest Joys in life is progress. The greatest mistake is fixating on all the areas we’re not progressing. Honesty about our current status or takes courage and is is essential. But rumination on our shortcomings is a misplacement of energy and creativity.

The greatest advance comes from focusing on the joys and successes you’ve already had to fuel the ones you know you have coming next if you stay the course.

Gordon SwensonComment