Do you feel pulled in many directions each day? With a mix of obligations for others and things you do for yourself, the world needs and wants alot from us.

On top of that social media, technology... it's alot.

And it can feel pretty loud sometimes.


Where do you build silence intentionally into your day?


Our time and attention can quickly be swallowed up once the day gets rolling, and so the morning might in fact be an ideal time to carve out intentional silence for ourselves.

Not simply 'being too tired to talk' while you make your coffee, but doing silence on purpose. Elevating silence so that it is valued the same way we value other priorities each morning.

Today's Challenge: set aside time for intentional silence.

This could take any form that feels right for you:

  • sipping tea or coffee without distraction, soaking in the silence

  • a walk in your neighborhood, really listening to the sounds of the city as it wakes up

  • journalling / writing

  • meditation

  • yoga, stretching or any morning movement that helps you to rediscover, feel and hear your body after sleeping all night long.

  • drawing

  • sitting outside for 10 minutes and breathing the fresh air

The list of ideas goes on...

And so, try making room for intentional silence this morning.

See how it feels to fully take in the space that silence gives us in this busy world we live in.

Try savouring silence on purpose, rather than on autopilot as you go about your morning.

See what thoughts come up, what you hear and notice, how present you feel doing silence on purpose.

Then, get after the rest of your self-care this morning, and make this day count! 

Here's your morning jam while you get after it this AM...

Gordon SwensonComment