The culture of being “exceptional” at everything is pretty insane.

Literally - it’s an unbridled vacuum pull of societal herald, and a craving drive of individual hope, that aims innocently (or less innocently) to draw out the best in us and our potential for experience.

Before we die, we’ve GOT to get the great body, the 6-figure salary, the perfect downward dog, and everything in between.

When something that requires so much energy is unbridled, or un-limited like this pursuit of greatness is in our society, we’re bound to be burnt out and let-down. Constantly.

Which just ads deficiency as fuel for the continual pursuit.

So this morning, let it all go.

This is the defence of being average.

Be average. And enjoy being alive.

For the things you love - absolutely, approach them with love and energy and drive and enjoy the journey of what it takes to become something you’re drawn towards.

For almost everything else - chill.

Check this awesome article from Mark Manson - In Defense of Being Average:

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 12.23.42 PM.png

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