BE --> DO --> HAVE

So often we get it backward.

Wanting to have certain things so bad.

Hustling so hard to do the things that will get us there.

And then hoping to be the person who’d pulled it all off.

What if that was completely bass akwards.

Of course - you can visualize the things you want to have…. but, are you 100% sure that you, the real you, is the person who wants those things? Or are you working from a societally programmed influence, and then trying to “fit” yourself into that desire?

Who are you? Who do you want to be?

What type of person do you want to be?

What do you want to have learned in your life?

What does the best you have to share with this world? Start there - because the genuinely best version of you, who has something to share with the world, is probably providing an insane amount of value to the world - and that, friends, is the type of things people really care about and pay for.

Money may not be your thing, or financial goals may not be your thing - but everyone’s got to have some of them - and when you are aligned with your gut / soul / heart / intuition / passions, and you’re pouring yourself into them, becoming the fulfillment of the person you truly want to be - you’ll get paid. People will want you around. You’ll want to share what you’ve been becoming - we’re wired for that.

So be.

Be the person you know in your heart you are meant to be. Be the person now that you see in your dreams for this life. Be them now.

And do the things that person would do.

And you’ll have everything (and probably way more) that you genuinely want in life.

Plus - you’ll get the one priceless piece - you can die with a typed of joy and deep satisfaction that is possible for us all.

Be you. Now. And all the way to the end.

Our company is called Chasing Sunrise - the only thing to truly chase is the truth of who you are. Every day. every moment. Everything else reveals itself in time.

Have an unreal week.

Gordon SwensonComment