It’s a crazy powerful tool to help you bend yourself into the person you either want to become, or the person you need to become to perform at the level, or in the certain ways, you need to.

One example is a tennis player, who is a very kind person, but her entire career hinges on her ability to let go of the needs of the person across the court from her - if she can’t do that, her career and her potential will never become what it could be.

Todd Herman - the guest on the podcast below, worked with her to create an alter ego that allowed her, on the court, to let go of that mis-placed kindness and step into an intense competitor to help her full potential shine through.

Alter egos can help us “fake it until we make it”, which it terrible phrasing by the way, because faking it until we make it is really just creating a fresh and usually more capable version of ourselves. It’s not faking.. it’s creation. So believe in this process, because it seriously works.

One example for Todd Herman, who often hasn’t felt smart, was to purchase a pair of glasses which had no prescription - and every time he puts them on, he feels like he can step into the smart and competent and capable alter ego he’s created.

What alter ego could you create to help you get more out of your relationships? Or at work? Or in your hobbies?

Pick one and try to build one out. Get a prop or two as well that will help you get into and stay into character.

Might seem silly, but it’s no joke. See what happens.

Gordon SwensonComment