Why is it in life that all of the things we seek, are wrapped in a paradox.

To get at the things we’re looking for in life, we have to give up the most seemingly common sense things.

To have love, we have to completely let go of wanting or needing anything from the other person.

To have success, we have to let go of control.

And to make any kind of changes, in the moment, or over the long term, we have to absolutely accept everything as it is. In the moment. Without demanding that it be different. Without putting effort into changing what actually is.

It’s crazy because what “is” is the reason we want to change something - so easy to get tripped up.

But it’s really simple.

Accept everything as it is. EVERYTHING. No exceptions. No half acceptances.

Feel pain? Accept that completely. It is. It exists. That means that all of the forces of the universe from the beginning of time have rallied together to create that moment, that sensation, that “pain”, that you’re experiencing.

You can not change what is.

You can only change what may be.

And you can never do that through controlling the moment, because if you’re trying to control the moment, that means essentially, you’re trying to control the past, because you’re only experiencing the moment as the potential of everything that unfolded up until that split second.

Do let it all go.

Accept everything as it is.

And visualize what you want to be.

Create the new outcome or situation or result or feeling, and do it in that space of your awareness which is beyond emotion and free from the manipulative craving of desire.

Hold it in mind without adding desire to it.

If you can do that, while accepting everything as it is in this moment, then you’re influencing the potential of the next moment. And the next moment. And if you can commit to that counterintuitive process, you’ll start being able to pour a sh*t ton of your mental energy and creativity into what you would like to happen / or who you would like to be, instead of getting stuck and depleted on processing what has already happened that you’re witnessing now, or who you were up until that split second ago.

Accept everything as it is. Every moment. Without exception. Without conditions.

Hold in mind what you want to have happen. Decide. Create. Pour your energy unconditionally into that.

You’ll waste so much less energy in that dead middle ground of analysis.

That’s freedom: the past has nothing on you, the potential future is being cultivated the only way possible, and here you are, in the present moment forever, witnessing it get better and better over time.

Gordon SwensonComment