Jan 30: When We Listen

This AM, you’ve got full permission to slow down.

To stop pushing, striving, hustling towards goals and getting sh*t done, and to spend a few minutes listening to what’s going on inside. To make space for your raw self to surface. The person who brought you here. The person who will take you where you actually want to go.  

While we share our favorite ideas and videos here with you about goals, habits, and strategies for building momentum on the things that matter to you, we also know that we don't have all the answers. We are all just figuring this out as we go. But one thing we do know: this journey of creating the life you want is also a deepening of the relationship with the one person who will be there for you your entire life—that raw You.

Sometimes the noise and ‘have tos’ of life roar so loudly that we can’t hear what’s inside, and so hitting the pause button and shutting out the world is essential now and then. And the more often we slow down and make space to reflect and grow in our self-awareness, we begin to realize what was there all along. 

For many of us January hasn’t been easy. Some mornings we not easy to get out of bed, to get going, or to work on goals we had set out at the beginning of the month. But the sun is rising earlier for most of us (at last), and no matter what struggles you are going through this month, or may be facing down the road, hitting pause and checking in with your raw self may be exactly what you sometimes need to do. When you listen, you realize simple but powerful truths about who you are and what you, your body, and your raw real self are capable of.

And you know what you may learn?

You Got This.

You’ve been doing it, handling it, figuring it out every. Single. Day of your life since you took your first breath. And you will keep doing it, even if you don’t think you can some days, every moment of every day for as long as you have left. 

You, your raw self, in this body that carries you through has been figuring sh*t out for decades. In your first few years you figured out language. You figured out how to survive (or thrive) through elementary school, through the trials of high school, through jobs you loved and hated, and maybe more school. Through good relationships and hard ones, through pain and incredible joy, and maybe loss too. 

Every time you were convinced you couldn’t go on, you did anyway.   

No matter what life has thrown at you, even if it was hard, uncertain, and you suffered or are maybe struggling now, you still made it through. Sometimes on your own, sometimes with the love and help of others, you made it through. 

Look up from the screen and think about that for a moment. What have you overcome?

You made it all the way through until today, sitting here, right now. You and your raw self have a track record of decades of resilience that is stronger and deeper than you realize.

But all too often we get caught up in believing the stories and limitations we tell ourselves, our uncertainties, our exhaustion, our stress. We are not sure how we will manage, not even sure we CAN manage. Yet, even with all of that self-doubt, we still get through it. And even if we don’t know how we will get through, our raw self keeps going, our body keeps going, we figure it out with one step and then another. And we will continue to do so every day of our lives. No matter our self-talk, we actually never stop figuring sh*t out. Ever.

Realizing that in fact you truly can get through anything, that you can figure anything out, because you already HAVE made it through every hurdle in your life so far, that's big. You got this. It’s a simple but powerful truth. And it’s one we often can’t hear in the noise of everyday life.

So hit pause for a few minutes this morning.

Now, get lost in the waves of this piece from Sleeping at Last, and spend a few minutes with that You deep down. That You who keeps burning, keeps going even when you don’t think you can. The You who has been quietly showing up for yourself every day of your life so far. Spend some time together this morning, Don’t stop here. Go out into the day and see how it feels.