Jan 28: Monday Reset

New week, new chance to keep building on the good from last week, or to completely reset and make this week even better.

Which is the best approach for you right now?

To help give you some clarity about this week, this month, and where you want to go, here’s one way to think about it —

imagine having a conversation with your future self, 5 years from now.

Who is the person they want you to be?

What kinds of things would they want you to have done? Shown up for? Or overcome?

I ask myself those questions often. Especially whenever I’m feeling stuck, confused, or when I just can’t see my next steps. I don’t always have answers, but more often than not, it shines light on where I should go, who I want to become, and what actually matters to me. Hope it helps.

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Julian DeSchutterComment