Jan 25: Thanking You

A good friend of mind once said “It’s really easy to say what you’re not. It’s hard to say what you are.” ... Anybody can talk about why something’s bad. Try doing something good.
— Joseph Gordon-Levitt

When's the last time you thanked yourself for showing up for you? 

If you are drawing a blank on this one, you are not alone.

Do you find it easier to thank others than yourself?

From a young age many of us are taught to thank others often, but it's not as ingrained in us to show gratitude for ourselves. This morning, let's try to overcome that.

Stretching outside our comfort zones (especially the comfort zone of a warm bed before dawn) is not easy, and it's something many people would never dream of doing.

But you did.

Dreaming bigger, actively re-evaluating things, and taking steps to move beyond a life of obligations in order to intentionally create this life is not something everyone can or wants to do. 

But you did it.

You did it with us before.

And this month, you came back to do it again.

That says alot about who you are, and who you want to be.

So let's savour that.

Pause, look away from this screen and think of 3 things you are good at.

Write them down. On paper, in your phone, we don't care. But make them real. Thoughts are useless unless we act on them. 

Now, list 3 things you want to thank yourself for.

When have you shown up recently, what have you appreciated about yourself this month so far? Maybe it was during an early morning, maybe at work. But you appreciated yourself and your efforts in those moments. Write down three of these, 

In the Western world we are constantly taught that we are not enough, and that we need to consume, purchase, or find solutions to fix our faults and our problems. Our capitalist, consumerist society relies on this mindset of inadequacy in order to keep the economy moving. 

As we work towards goals, summits, and changes we want in our lives this month it's easy to feel that we are not good enough, dwell on how inadequate we feel in certain areas, or believe we are not succeeding in the ways we imagined success would be.

Too often we forget to celebrate our strengths and show gratitude to ourselves-- the one who is getting up and getting after it (or at least trying to) every day.

So this morning, appreciate those three strengths about yourself. Remember those three times you appreciated yourself. Thank yourself for choosing to make time for you this month, for gliding through the easy mornings and for pulling yourself through the hard mornings.


Future You thanks you, and sends their love.