Jan 21: Habits Holding You Back?

Becoming who we want to be, reaching goals, creating the life we want---all of this requires change and growth, one day at a time. It means building new habits, and taking steps to learn more. 

As you move ahead working on new habits however, it's essential to take stock of the ones already in your mind. Some habits like brushing your teeth or drinking water ar 100% helpful for you now and into the future, while other habits...not so much.

Those are the habits worth questioning today.

The little habits you do, day in and day out, without thinking about it, but that don't really add anything positive to your goals. From checking email and social media 50x a day, to falling back into the same mindsets when we hit a wall or something doesn't go according to our plan, to worrying, or when we find ourselves repeating the same mistakes or habits with friends or lovers....the list goes on. And on.

This morning— think of 3 habits you know you do that may actually be holding you back

From being who you want to be. And going where you want to go.

Be honest, but be compassionate with yourself.

This is not about judgement, it's about noticing and owning the habits that have gone unchecked for awhile but, when we stop to think about it, are not helping us anymore. 

In the way we can train our body's strength, with better habits, we can build our mental strength. 

Amy Morin is an American psychotherapist and international best selling author of "13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do". She explores mental strength and the power of habits in our lives. She has found that even a few bad habits can in fact derail our ability to work towards our best potential. 

As you take inventory of your own habits, ask yourself:

Which habits are holding me back?

Then read Amy's short 3 minute article, maybe you have read it before, she offers 13 powerful habits you can start doing today...



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