Jan 14: Look Back, From Afar

There is alot of 2019 and New Year talk this time of year. Goals, resolutions, resets. But if we aren’t careful, the life we want can look alot like another long To Do list.

This week, we’re going to approach it a bit differently. Move past the To Dos, the lists, the goals.

What if, instead of planning the Whats of our plans for 2019, we explored the who of the future. Not the What. What do I mean by Who? Here's a quick suggestion on where your Who might be hiding...

All you have to do is look at someone you likely understand better than you think: your Future Self.

This week, we’re going to jump ahead, spend a few with Future You, and look back. Each morning this week, we’ll dive a little deeper.

** Ask yourself these questions and answer truthfully. These are powerful questions, and worth exploring with pen and paper. It will take 10 minutes, but trust us---we've done this, and its worth it. 

Ready? Here we go…

Jump forward, to January 14, 2020.

Maybe you are sitting on your phone, on an early morning like that feels a bit this one …

How do you want to look back on 2019, this time next year? 
Who do you want to be in 2019?

Let's start to explore who that person is….

What is that person capable of?

What are they dedicating themselves to?

Fill in a list of all of the verbs, nouns, activities or qualities that come to mind when you say:

“I am ____________. I am someone who…..”

Start with these today, write out your response, and come back tomorrow for Part 2. Questions like these are a powerful way to gain clarity on a year you are stoked to live.

As always…. (this AM, an old favorite that never feels old….)

Julian DeSchutter