Dec 31: On the Eve of 2019...

How do you feel about New Year’s?

Excited, optimistic, a bit uneasy (how did another year pass already?!), or something else entirely?

Curious to know — are you someone who makes New Year’s resolutions?

Why or Why Not?

Think about your answer to that for a moment—no matter where you fall on the NY Resolution debate, ask yourself what that could show you about your outlook, mindset or attitude. No right or wrong answers here, just encouraging you to ask curiously.

No matter how much weight you put into January 1st, we want to challenge you today to use tomorrow as a starting point, to build, shift or take a leap of faith towards one or more goals and plans you want to experience and finally invest time into this upcoming year.

We’ll explore more about ideas about the new year tomorrow and through this week, but for today, what plans are going through you mind?

Take this quick read to get you started. It breaks down a few key tools to setting up the best goals that work for you, and makes a strong case that New Year’s Resolutions can help you — even if you fail at them.

So? What SMART goals could you commit to for 2019? What does your gut tell you would be a goal that would improve your life and help you go where you want to go? Make a list, break them down. Really flesh them out with some of the ideas from that article.

One Final Challenge:

Plan out tomorrow AM. Right now.

Whether you have to go to work on January 1st or not, look at tomorrow as the first morning of a new chapter, and that morning could be a powerful one if you spent it using your time in ways that really, actually matter to you. That make you feel like you are winning tomorrow AM. That make you feel good, and motivated to go at it again on January 2nd.

Don’t just sleep in. Make tomorrow morning really count.

We believe in you.

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