Dec 28: Let's Reflect on 2018

As we roll into the last weekend of 2018, we want to take a moment and acknowledge what we all have collectively done these last two weeks.

Over your time in DED and DEL programs, you dove into something that most are unwilling to.

You put what matters to you before the world had a chance to take that space away.

More than that though, you played a part in building a community spanning over 10 countries and almost every time zone. That means at almost any time of the day, someone around the world is getting up to get after it.

That's powerful and we want to thank you for your willingness to embrace that side of life.

We think that's pretty damn cool.


Before We Look Ahead at 2019

Before looking at what's ahead, it’s worth taking time to sit back and reflect on what has happened. Because you can’t clearly see where you are going if you don’t fully understand where you have been.

Most of us have a fear of slowing down – unwilling to stop long enough to let what we’re doing catch-up to us. Maybe this is because we don’t want to confront how we spend our time or maybe it’s because we feel like we’ll lose momentum, but if there’s anything history has taught us, it’s that slowing down to reflect only helps us move faster, further, and more purposely.

With that, we have a single request from you this morning – take some time to reflect on what these last two weeks have been for you.

It will not only make a difference in your clarity about this year, but if you incorporate reflection into your life, it will have a huge impact on where you end up.

To get you started, we got some simple questions...


Questions Worth Thinking About

Keep in mind these are just a guideline to get you started. Your reflection is an exercise in asking the questions you care about.

About Damn Early Days:

Ask yourself:

  • What have you gained from waking up early?

  • What are your biggest struggles so far?

  • What positive stories have you been telling yourself throughout?

  • What self-defeating stories have you been telling yourself throughout?

  • Do you feel you're getting closer to what you want?

  • What differences do you notice in your life, routine, and mood before and during 21 Damn Early Days?

The Big Picture:

Ask yourself:

  • What has been challenging for me this year?

  • What are some of my best memories?

  • What do I wish I had done more of?

  • Less of?

  • What was unexpected this year?

  • How am I different than I was this time last year?

  • How am I the same?

  • If I told my friend a bit of life wisdom from this past year, what would I say?

And of course...

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