On the final day of Christmas, Damn Early Days gave to me
a chance to commit to something.


You have 9 days left in 2018 and once it's over, it's all about looking forward to 2019

That's how most people look at it anyway.

But that's not you. You have a choice. You can already be looking ahead with bright eyes and ideas flowing, thinking about what matters and what you want to accomplish.

As we wrap up Damn Early Life 2018, we want to give you a chance to commit to something that you know future you will be proud of accomplishing next year.

The catch? You have to commit to doing it by 11:59PM on March 31st, 2019

Yep, commit to something you'll do in the first three months of the year and we'll hold you accountable.

We’ll be following up with you to see how you are doing on this goal for yourself. We’ll help keep you committed to yourself.

Make sure it's something that actually matters to you. Use it as something that will move you forward. The bolder the better.

Now there may be a voice in your head that talks you out of committing to something right here, right now, but just remember that you can't BS yourself on your deathbed. You got dreams inside of you and you're only fooling yourself if you don't bring them out.


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And as a bonus, because it’s Christmas and all, we have found for you a little Chrismassy gem. If you were a fan of the Muppets. Sesame Street or Fraggle Rock in the 1980s, this Christmas special has it all. Everyone is here. It’s the uncut version with the deleted scenes not available on DVD, just missing a few seconds at the start. Enjoy!