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On the first day of Christmas, Damn Early Days gave to me...
Some no BS advice on how to stop screwing yourself over


As the final month of 2018 is underway, the holiday season is in full swing and things are speeding up. Hanukkah just finished last night for our Jewish friends, Winter Solstice and Christmas is coming up soon, Kwanzaa and of course New Years roll in soon after.

This time of year can get full, fast. These mornings are more important than ever for taking care of our priorities, first.

Getting in the spirit of the season, we’ve put together 12 Damn Early Days for you. A mix of some of our favorite reminders from the Daily Dose vault this past year, and new content for this time of year when we look back and look ahead.


Let’s go.

Here’s a favorite that slaps us in the face (in a good way) every damn time.


In today's world, getting what you want is simple. But it sure as hell isn't easy.

See, if you really wanted, you could walk into a bookstore right now and buy at least 10 books by authors in any area you wanted to pursue. You could open up Google and find at least 1,000 step-by-step-by-step instruction guides on how to get it. Hell, you can search anybody online that's been there and done that and be in touch with them in an hour.

So why don't most of us have what we want?

Well, according to Mel Robbins, an ivy-educated criminal lawyer on one of the top career and relationship experts in America, the honest answer is because we are screwing ourselves over.

Watch one of our favorite clips of her as she drills through the mental clutter that stands between ourselves and what we want and gives us a straight-forward answer on how to force, yes, force ourselves to get after what we want.

Sit back and enjoy it.

Or if you’ve seen it before, hit play and just listen while you make your morning coffee. Sometimes a refreshing dose from Robbins is all we need to light a fire under us to get us jump started on the week.

It's worth it.