Nov 13: The Power of Doing Nothing

Yesterday we suggested that you pause and do nothing with your morning coffee, and this morning we wanted to explore that a bit further with this quick read from entrepreneur, developer, writer and storyteller Aytekin Tank.

Each of us who signed up for DEL did so because we are working on something, working towards goals, or continuing exploration or plans we have been focusing on for some time. But to do more, to get more done, to make progress on the things we care about, it’s really valuable to also make time to do nothing.

Nada, rien, nothing. Actually scheduling intentional time for nothing.

Click below for a quick read on this idea, and consider how nothing could help your day (est. reading time 6 min)

So, your challenge today—look at your plan for this morning or today and book in some intentional time for nothing.

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Jessa Alston-O'ConnorComment