Nov 9: Foundations

What do you need?

Think about it for a second.

This program was designed to help you carve out your own time and space, block the world out, and how you fill it is up to you.

But whether you have projects and clear goals in mind, or are using this time to pause, reset, or explore, you won't get where you want to go without setting yourself up on your own strong foundation 

So, what do you need for that foundation below your feet?

To answer that, we have a little challenge for ya:

step 1: Look Back

We'd like you to stop for a moment, and think back to a time when it felt like you were smashing life.

Maybe it was last week, or yesterday, maybe it was 8 years ago. There is no gain or shame about when the last time you felt you were on top of life. All that matters is you find a moment and we'll dig into it.

step 2: Explore Context

Let's explore exactly what was the context. We need to get specific about what unique combination of factors came together that helped you feel so stoked on life. 

Ask yourself:

What was I doing? Why did I love it?

How was the rest of my life--socially, health, etc?

Be as specific as possible describing that time in your life.

step 3: Break it down. 

Using the form below, get these ideas out. Take that memory, explore it, and translate it into a blueprint for the foundation that feels the best for you.

We'll email it back to you, and if we don't hear from ya, we'll be in touch. We want to nudge you towards clear steps and priorities for living the life you really want, and making it sustainable. 

Describe in detail what felt so good about life in that memory. What else was going well in your life then, that together, made the perfect storm to smash it. Make a list of the key points, the things you need in a foundation to feel that way again. Start small, don't hold back. Just keep the flow going. This list--it's your foundation, it's your blueprint. So we'll send it back to ya soon!

Here's an morning jam below while you scheme. 

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