Nov 6: Priorities Over Urgency

Start Your Day With Your #1 Priority
(Not with what’s urgent)

It's where most of us screw up. We put the "urgent" stuff in front of the important stuff – again and again and again.

At first, this makes sense, but after a week, a month, a year, a lifetime, we realize we've focused on everything but what actually matters to us...

Sound familiar? Read on...


It’s easy to start the day with something that seems good, but ultimately isn’t all that important.

And as our boy Jim Collins said, “Good is the enemy of great.”

Each morning, there are countless good things you could do.

But the real question you should be asking is "what is the FIRST thing you should do?"


What’s the ideal way you want to/need to START your day?

For each of us, that will depend on our #1 priority at the moment.

If it’s your business, you should probably get moving on your business.

If it’s your physical health, you should probably get yourself to the gym or on the mat at home.

If it's taking more time to unwind, then sit down, sip your coffee and read a damn book for once. Before anything else.

In his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleStephen Covey explains the importance of putting “first things, first.” To illustrate the concept, you’ve probably heard it before—-Covey puts several rocks in a bucket. When you put the little rocks in first, you can’t fit all of the big rocks.

But when you start with the big rocks, the little rocks can easy fill the empty spaces.

This is how life works. If you need a visual, check it here.


Now - if you have heard of that metaphor before, cool. Question for ya — be honest with yourself, are you filling your life lately with the big rocks first, or the small ones?

How you start something determines your path

Getting up early isn’t really the point of Damn Early Life.

The point is to focus on what matters and to do so you need to put the right things first.

Otherwise, what's the point?

When you put your top priorities first, you ensure they make it into the bucket – every single day.

After your main priorities have been ticked off, the rest of your life will fill the gaps.

And trust us, the gaps always get filled.

Knowing this is essential to making the right decisions.

The best decision makers (and the most successful/happy people) do things that simultaneously make everything else in their life easy.

They focus on the stuff that matters first.

They make the one decision that makes several other decisions either irrelevant or easier.

When you fill your time only with the best and most important, then you never have to settle and soon other choices and factors start to take care of themselves.

The distractions and lower priorities are either given their allotted time or they disappear from your life.

So with that, this morning’s challenge:

I want you to write a list of your highest priorities and focus on the top one.

Let everything else flow from there this morning.

Simple, right?

Make that list, and take a serious look at it — how often you are investing in those priorities, especially your #1, a little every day? How often are the little stones getting in the way?

Today, right now, your time is yours and you can choose.

Make time this morning to finally focus on that #1.

And a chill tune to play to as you do so.

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