Oct 31: Don't Give Up

Here we are, on the final day of this round of DEL.

Ask yourself —

So, what do I want now, on the other side of all this?

Where do I want to go from here?

The truth is most people go to their grave living a life far below their potential. With their wishes and dreams buried deep inside of them, almost extinguished from decades of being ignored.

They cover the fire that was once burning inside them with the bullsh*t the world wants to sell us. Cheap thrills, addictive apps, and substance-less products.

We become convinced that the job is more important than our dreams and that security is more necessary to us than the very adventures that make us feel alive.

But they got it all wrong.

The truth is, what we need more than anything is to live a life aligned with who we are.

If that's painting, then go paint.

If that’s exploring, then go explore.

If it’s building companies, traveling, love, or being a partner, then go do that.

It doesn't matter what they are, just please just don't ignore your dreams.

Play with them, explore them, let them burn inside you.

No, you may not be able to make a "career" out of them. You might not be able to even make a penny from them, but please, don't ignore them all together.

Wake up insanely early, work on them under the moonlight, or sneak some time in between your kid's soccer game.

We don't care what you do, but just that you do it. Please, don't give up on them all together.

If we can help you get there, let us know. We’re all in. And we got one more morning jam for ya....

Julian DeSchutterComment