Oct 16: Who Decides Your Days?

As you carve out time to create the life you want, morning after morning, with every small win or struggle, you can either continue to grow as you move ahead, or find yourself in a new comfort zone. A bit different than the comfort zones of the past perhaps, but still, a comfort zone none the less.   


Keep asking questions, keep finding answers. The more we explore, the more we find that there is so much that we didn't know was inside us. Questions and discovery launch us forward, enable us to learn, refine, shift, and unlock potential.

However, not all questions are the same. The types of questions we ask ourselves expand or limit our possibilities. The best questions can take us far. 

And so, as we mentioned last week, from time to time here with the Daily Dose, we'll be dropping some of our favorite questions for you to ponder. 

You can choose to scratch the surface, but by now you know— we are all about encouraging you to go all in.

So find that notebook or journal, heck, and gather these questions and answers when they come. You get what you put in, and if you go all in on these answers and on yourself, we think you will find more than you realize. More that you didn’t even know was there until you really began to look.

For today, three Questions to think about: 

  1. Where am I spending my time every day that are not in fact MY priorities? What would I like to let go of, or simplify?

  2. Who is the biggest decision maker in my life — myself, the people around me, or my circumstances? - write down examples that come to mind. Any changes you want to make?

  3. How can I be more engaged in my own life? Where do I want to engage more fully?

Take them in, set them in your mind this morning, write out a few ideas. See where these take you. If alot comes to mind, keep writing.

Then, come back to them at the end of the day. What did you find? See how the day feels different with these guiding questions simmering all day. 

That’s it, that’s all. Now go out and keep doing your morning goals, and routines. Start this day off with a few wins.

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