Oct 15: Got A Rad Case of The Mondays

The Difference Between Tension & Stress.

I've got a favourite days of the week. And its not Friday anymore.

Honestly? Its Monday. Especially during Damn Early Life.

Like most of us here, there are things I want to accomplish and big things I want to dedicate myself to. Clearly seeing the gap between 'here' and 'there' brings on a natural tension.

In spite of that gap, if we are clear on where we want to go, if we know our Why for wanting to go there, and if we've chopped the progression into manageable steps, that tension turns into excitement and an energy that might be nagging at us on Sunday night, but that also pulls us out of bed Monday morning. 

We fundamentally believe that something inside all of us that is drawn to the person we could become, even if we can't see it clearly.

So that means everyone feels the tension, too - but for so many, Monday brings a reminder (conscious or unconscious) that we aren't going where, somewhere inside, we know we want to go. We feel stuck, and that internal tension is stagnated. It becomes stress, and we either lash out with it, let it pour over in reactive sass, or turn it fully inwards on ourselves which over time can have tragic effects.

This TED talk below on stress is definitely worth a watch (even as a reminder if you've seen it already) It shows how stress can actually be a neutral or potentially positive thing if we frame it right.

We would agree and also argue that the tension behind stress can be one of the most positive forces we've got: energy intent on change.   

An of course, a little Monday jam…

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Gordon Swenson