Oct 9: Choosing The One

When you signed up for Damn Early Life this month, did you have a specific goal in mind, a routine you wanted to work on, or maybe you were intentionally hoping to explore/figure out what you want?

When we give ourselves time to answer important questions, like

“What do I want more of in my life?”

“Where am I unsatisfied?”

“What areas do I want to explore, shift, or grow in? This month, this year, next year?”

— Hold up, let’s pause here. If you haven’t had a chance to sit with these questions in the last month, now’s the time. Take 5, and write it out on paper. Serious.

I’ll wait.

Ok, let’s keep going.

Do you have one answer per question…or several?

When we give ourselves a few minutes to answer questions like this, we may have one idea, but pretty soon another idea might pop into mind. Then another. Then oh ya that’s cool!—another idea.

Pretty soon, we may have a list of many ideas. Good ideas. But where to start?

Sometimes, our goals and dreams can motivate us, and sometimes overwhelm us at the same time.

Enter: A Question To Help You Choose

Give a scan over this read from Brian Vaszily, founder of Advantage Hacks. Entrepreneur, best-selling author, he’s someone who is pretty obsessed with understanding what helps people be successful in their lives.

It’s a quick read, only 7 minutes, and his easy tip can help you prioritize, fast.


What really bugs you the most?

Start with that.

Then ask, answer, do it.

And repeat.

As you scheme, we got your morning jam below….

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