Oct 2: Win the Morning, Win the Day

In the spring mornings I would work early while my wife still slept. The windows were open wide and the cobbles of the street were drying after the rain.
— Ernest Hemingway

Before Damn Early Days, what did your mornings typically look like?

For most of us, it's a mix of caffeine, maybe grabbing some breakfast, making ourselves presentable and rushing out the door to work. To meetings, for kids, for everything we do out in the world. Or if we work from home, taking care of our daily obligations there. Maybe we take the dog out quickly, too. 

Far from recharging, to say the least. No wonder most of us don't like getting up early--to THAT. 

But what if we rethink what mornings can mean. What if mornings aren't about getting up in order to show up for the outside world, but it's a time when we get up in order to show up for ourselves. Afterwards, then, and only then, do we shift and show up for others.

What if the first hour of the day was protected, and prioritized, refueling our batteries and starting off our day feeling fulfilled, on course, and invigorated rather than rushed, late, or stressed. Added bonus: how would our days feel with and hour of WINS right out of the gate?

Looking at the ideas and intake forms a lot of you have sent in, we see that many of us are keen to create or perfect a morning routine that works for us--that really starts our day off right. 

Today's Challenge: The Hour of Power

Now, having done 21DED maybe you have your morning routine dialed, or maybe it’s still all over the place. This AM, let’s take a good look at our morning and take steps to make it work even better for us this month.

We cover the Hour of Power in 21DED, and we think it's so simple, but so good, that anyone in DED could benefit from trying this out—even those of us who are veterans to these early morning days. 

Think for a minute--what would make you feel on the ball, nourished, and centered if you did them every day? 

When you begin to think about building an hour that supports you, you will find there are many resources out there. But most of them are a variation on the Hour of Power. It's an idea created by Jack Canfield, best selling author "the Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be" and creator of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books (remember those?).

Simply put, it's creating and protecting 1 hour that focuses on you, in order to start your day off feeling recharged rather than running on empty. Imagine--what would the day feel like when your mind, body, and spirit are taken care of first. 

The premise is to spend 20 minutes taking care of 3 key areas of yourself so you are ready to step out and take on the rest of life. Take a look at these variations, and see if any combination feel right. Create your own Hour of Power, and adjust it as you need to this month. 

Mind/ Body/ Spirit


Spend 20 minutes feeding your mind. Try a Ted Talk, a podcast, or an uplifting or inspiring book. Absolutely no social media. Invest in material that feeds your mind instead. 

Bonus: did you know you can listen to youtube videos and audio on faster speeds? Just saying. More goodness, less time.


Move. This could be taking a walk or job, walking your dog, or it can even simply be slowly stretching on a yoga mat. If you want to be really comfy, we won't judge--stay in bed and slowly stretch and twist. Wake up and use your body, rather than using it simply to rush out the door to work. 

Spirit (or the You deep down inside)

Writing, journalling, reflecting, writing about gratitudes

Meditation - more and more people are giving meditation a go. In our busy lives, simply the act of quieting your mind can be powerful. 

Popular apps can guide you through 100s of approaches to meditation. There are bound to be some that work for you. Try apps like Headspace, Insight Timer, or look up meditation courses near you or guided videos on youtube. Sometimes learning form a teacher can make all the difference for those of us who feel we just can't meditate. 

Or, for a simple challenge this morning, try this: What does the morning sound like where you live? Get a pillow, open your window or balcony door and sit on the floor or a spot near the window/door. If it's chilly, get a blanket.

Sit comfortably, eyes closed. Let the morning air in, and feel it fall down upon you.

Listen. To the city, to the wind, to anything you hear this morning, as the city is waking up.

Breathe. Deeply and slowly. 

Listen. When your mind wanders, that's no problem. Simply guide it back to listening to the morning. Try this for as long as you are comfortable, 10-20 minutes. See how it feels, I dare ya.

Build your own Hour of Power

Choose 3 areas that matter to you:



Body/Goal-Setting/Meal Prep


That's Important / That Too / Yes And Definitely That

What three areas matter to you?

If move is on your list, hit play and move around your kitchen to this morning jam below...

Do you have any favorite podcasts, books, or ideas for your Hour of Power?

Come share them on the FB, and get ideas from the community to add to your Mind list. 


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