Sept 28: Choose

As we head into the last 2 days Damn Early Days for Alumni (Day 21 is tomorrow, Saturday) we wanted to bring you back to a simple but powerful idea to play with this AM:


Let that sink in for a minute. Really sink in.

Yes, you get to make the choice of who you want to be five years from now.

That should be both insanely liberating and terrifying.

It sounds wild, but the real facts are are that in today's world, five years is enough time to change almost any (and every) aspect of your life. Maybe not every SINGLE thing (there are factors beyond our control), but almost any aspect? Yes.

Your career, your love life, your priorities, your schedule, your time constraints, your debt, your income streams, you name it – all of those can be significantly changed within five years.

Damn Early Days might end in a few days, or it might continue (that’s up to you).

Knowing that, we have a simple questions for you to ask yourself this morning:


Look up from this screen and think about it.

I dare you.

Now, grab a paper and pen, and make a simple list of what came to mind.

A list of things you saw or felt in that glimpse of future You.

Who you want to be, perhaps where you are in life , where you are at with your goals and growth, what is life like in areas that matter to you? What have you let go of finally?

Flesh out this future you. your future life.

Now take it a step further—

if you already were there, if that life was already normal, what would you tell yourself you can stop doing today? What would you let go of—you realize they don’t actually help you anymore. What would you start doing, or do differently?

It’s the idea “If I was already there, if I was already enough, what would I do right now”

Play with that this morning. See how it impacts your present.

Look at that list, and see what you want to do next.

Then, go out and explore this Friday. And let this morning jam ease you into the day..

P.S. Tomorrow is Day 21. It’s a Saturday. So start dreaming what you want tomorrow to feel like, what you want to do tomorrow AM to mark another end to DED for you. You are worth it, so make it count.

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