Sept 21: That Inner Kid

Celebrate the childlike mind
— Steve Jurvetson

It's Friday.

This weekend, we challenge you to make time to let go of your adult mindset, grab someone who makes you smile, and choose one way to reconnect with the kids you used to be. What did you like to do this time of year, growing up?

Do that.

Although growing, getting after what we care about, and moving towards the lives we want is some of the most important and powerful work we can do, its not everything. We don't need to take everything so seriously, all the time.

So make wonder, play and letting loose part of your weekend priorities. Get outside, or go somewhere you haven't been in awhile and do what feels fun. Play is one of the most powerful and life affirming parts of life that we often neglect in our adult lives. 

Not this weekend. 

This weekend, choose play.

For now, press play on this little tune to get your groove on this AM, and start planning...

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Jessa Alston-O'ConnorComment