Sept 19: Time to Do You

What would feel really good this morning?

Forget the goals, the Summits, the long game. Just think about right now. What would be a really great way to start your day, today?

While Damn Early Days often focuses on goals, resetting routines, making the changes you want in life, steps towards the things that matter to you, sometimes it's just as crucial that we remember that what also matters in life is doing things because they make us feel happy. No bigger reason than that. Some things just matter because they feel good.

So this morning, if you want to keep after it with your Summit goals and morning plans, do it. If that feels good for you today, go all in on that.

But, if you feel like shaking it up, today can be a no-guilt Treat-Yo-Self day to put your Summit on pause and do things differently.

Shaking things up now and then, making time for play, is pretty damn important in our books for a life well-lived.

If you agree, here's your chance. 

Feel like Netflix binging an entire movie before work today? Do it.

Feel like playing video games, having a long candle-lit bath, or making weekend brunch on a Tuesday all before 9 am? Do. It.

If you have a DED friend in the city where you live, text them and meet up for coffee and sunrise.

Do only what feels good this morning. Nothing less.

So. What do you want? Name it.

Today it's not about planning the rest of your life, it's about how you want to live this one morning. Right here, in the now.

Press play on Nina Simone, think about what would make this morning feel amazing. then get up and go.



Jessa Alston-O'ConnorComment