Sept 17: Let Go of Idea Debt

Halfway point of this round of DED and I got a question for you:

Do you really care about your Summit?

I mean deep down, does it excite or compel you out of bed?

Is it an idea current You really wants, or is it something an older You wanted that you are trying to finally get around to?

DED is not about doing more, checking off To Do lists, or doing things we think we should. It’s about making time for what we REALLY want, and the things that make our lives feel good so that we can look back and feel we lived our lives on our own terms.

Do you have ideas you know you want, and you have thought about, but just haven’t managed to get rolling with?

Enter the concept of Idea Debt, and how to get out from under it’s weight.

It’s an idea coined by American graphic novel author Kazu Kibuishi and boy can it hold us back.

Here’s a 4 minute post about it, see if you can relate:

your challenge this AM: Get Clear on Old Ideas to make Way for new

Take 5 minutes, put pen to paper, and list out your summit and other goals you have for the rest of 2018.

Which ideas have you thought a ton about but never acted on (yet)

Ask — Do I really want them? If no, that’s great. Give yourself permission to let them go. They were ideas from the past. If yes I want them, why am I actually stalling on this?

What’s one thing I can do today to start?

Where have I been putting off little things that actually put your bigger dreams on hold indefinitely?

Do it now, or let it go.

Don’t let old dreams and idea debt hold you back today.

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