Sept 13: Defining Your Fears

What are you afraid might happen in your life if you don't play your cards right? 

What do you avoid if possible?

Fear is something that every single one of us has, and it can be a crippling or fueling force in our lives if we let it. Sometimes, focusing on that fear might actually help us to reach our goals and create the life we want.


Click play on this Ted Talk by Tim Ferris, American author, self-proclaimed "guinea pig", and public speaker. You might have heard of him through his best-selling book 'The 4-hour Workweek" a few years back. We follow alot of his work here, around Chasing Sunrise HQ.

If you ‘ve read his ideas on fear before, click play to review it again. If this is your first time thinking about fear in this way—we hope it offers you value in even a small way. He offers a different way of looking at fear, and shows how focusing on it and defining it may in fact be just what we need to do. 

Julian DeSchutter