Sept 7: three words to start the day

you are enough

In our daily lives, and often in our DED mornings, we may feel we need to DO more, work more, check more off our list, be productive, reach goals, hustle and hustle harder.... all as a way to prove... what, exactly?

How do we feel when we fall short of our own expectations? We often tell ourselves " I didn't do enough, I'll just do better, I'll do more tomorrow".

But you know what? 

you are already enough

So many of us think we need to do/be/try/achieve more in order to finally be worthy, be valuable, or show others and ourselves that we lived our life in a good way.

you are enough

You are.

This doesn't mean there isn't room to grow, or that you and your life are perfect. None of us is finished growing.  It means considering the possibility of shifting your foundational belief.

Consider instead, that you  are starting from a place of enough, of worthiness, rather than a place of lack and shortcomings. Growth, goals and achievements are not necessary to prove you are enough. You don't need to always do more to be enough. You already are--more growth and goals are just icing on this cake that is your life.

your challenge: Explore Your Goal Beliefs

What are your goals for DED this month?

Pull them out, take a look at them. Or if you don't have specific goals, think about the intention of what you wanted for your mornings this month.

Where did these goals or intentions come from---what core belief?

Ask yourself: in those goals am I standing on the belief that I'm already enough, or am I actually feeling inadequate? Did I feel I needed to fix something and that goal was  going to be my solution? 

What if you reframed your DED goals:

"I'm already enough, plus I want to grow by..."

See what it feels like to sit with the idea that you are not inadequate, that your cup isn't empty, that there's already alot inside.

What if goals were not about filling a lack or a void, but adding to an already abundant life?

Today, fully appreciate this morning for what you do, not dwelling on what you didn't manage to check off your goal list this week. This weekend, make a point of doing at least one activity that feels amazing. Treat yourself. When you wake up, trying reminding yourself that you are enough. See how it shifts your mindset when those are the first words in your mind. 

Our best lives are not a never ending list of goals and check-lists for self-improvement. Fully living happens when we step into who we really are and listen, instead of filling our time and our attention with the stress of improvement and productivity. Question any belief that you are in a place of lack. You are not lacking.  

You are enough. 

Bonus challenge today: Tell this to one friend who needs to hear this, too. 

Time for a morning jam to get you going...

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