So, almost through Week 1, and we're curious: have you nailed down your morning routine?

if so, awesome, how does it feel?

If not, also awesome--more chances to keep tweaking, keep trying, keep asking yourself 'what would make me feel like I was winning at my day every morning?" and soon you'll have a morning plan that's right for you.

This AM, we wanted to explore--what's everyone else doing to get after it?

While DED is a solo experience in some ways, it's built on the foundation that connection with others is the most impactful way to go. And so we have the online group and we see so many members meeting up or sometimes inspiring their roommates and family to make the most of the mornings together. 

We aren't looking for comparisons, but for many of us there is a genuine curiosity and desire to share what works for us, for others, and we thrive in those moments of 'wow, I hadn't thought of that' that happens when we share notes on our common goal together.

Enter best selling authors Benjamin Spalls and Michael Xander.

They interviewed 300 successful and downright badass individuals, exploring just that: how do you win the morning? These conversations led to their boo My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired.

Click this link to learn the 4 big lessons they learned, and try them for yourself. 

 Now the ball's in your court.

Come drop into the Facebook group and weigh in--what's one (or more) changes, rituals or habits you are doing lately that has turned your morning around. Offer ideas to anyone who is a bit stuck. Help each other along the way with this. Stoked to see what you have to say!


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