Sept 5: Make Your Ritual

Yesterday we looked at morning routines, and the power of creating an hour that starts your morning off in a powerful way.

Today, we're going in a bit deeper. 

Step 1:

Look at the Power Hour ideas you wrote down yesterday (if you missed yesterday, here it is), or list out your morning routine if you already have one.

Does this list make you feel good, feel alive, start your day off with wins?

Or are they a list of tasks you need and should do before getting out the door.

step 2:

Ask yourself:

What, if I did it every morning, makes me feel like 'everything is as it should be'

(If you're thinking "... huh?" don't worry, keep reading)

Your morning coffee or tea? Meditation? Walking your dog? Make a list.

The things we build into our daily routine can be powerful, or they can feel mindless. This AM, we want to challenge you to really think about how you can make your routine a solid foundation of your day. 

This brings us to ritual. Not the fluffy kind, but a practical and personal approach and the science and neurology behind this rethinking and reframing of the meaning in the daily things we do. Read on....

So? Now the ball's in your court.

What in your morning routine could, or maybe already does feel like a personal ritual?

Find it.

Own it.

Commit to it.

And see how it can become a solid building block in your early mornings this month. 

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