Sept 3: Open Yourself Up To What Could Be

Day One. Here We Go. 

First things first, congrats on committing to yourself and continuing to build on what you have been creating, and taking the next steps towards making the reality you want – your reality. You've done it before and you keep coming back, and that's damn cool to see. 

As you scheme, dream and rise (or try to) each early morning this month, we want to encourage you to remember these two words: Stay Open. 

When we're open to what could be, we're truly alive.

Adventure, by nature, is about embracing the unknown, so as you go through Damn Early Days, let your walls down and explore the hell out of this life and this adventure. 

Almost counter-intuitively, one of the most important things we can do (temporarily) is drop who we think we have to be and explore who we could be or who we want to be. It's about letting go of the blocks, emotions, old mental patterns, and even identities that keeps us where we are.

Part of the reason for that is because our brain and body, by and large, works in the past. Even the "reality" that we think we are experiencing in our consciousness right now actually already happened about 80 milliseconds ago.

The point is that what we think reality is, is at best, a lagging interpretation of what's happening in the moment.

If we take our current state of feeling, thinking and being as truth, without constantly opening ourselves up to what could be, we're destined to become stagnant.

And none of us want that. 

Whatever we are holding onto is getting us further and further away from the life that could be out there.

So as you go through this, make some space for new experiences to come in and rock your world and don't be afraid to try on different things that might or might not work.

Let them shake you up and flip switches in your mind.

It's the only way to find out what you truly want.

You can live and mainly re-cycle the past or you can be open and true to living focused on the moment.

It's a subtle shift, but one that's worth everything as you go through these next 21 days. 

Now, with that, dive into your morning routine.

PS. Feel free to drop into the group and share how your first morning went. Your sharing throughout will help you and others get a better understand of what works, doesn't work, and what you need.


Gordon Swenson