Aug 20: I Quit

So we're rolling in to Week 3, how you doing?

For some of us we have a great rhythm going and loving the ride, and for others we know it's hit and miss, or hard to get a regular streak of solid mornings.

We know, we've done this program over and over ourselves.

We know that motivation can be low especially near the middle and second half of the program.

Remember that your reason for signing up this month---matters.

But even though we may believe that, we know all too well that the desire to stay in bed or throw in the towel can be strong.

Here's a quick read about quitting from Dutch author, podcaster and productivity-obsessed blogger Darius Foroux. Give it a read, see if this sounds like you some days.

Got it? Good.

Now, get up, get after it, and start this week with a win.

We have a smooth-as butter Monday morning jam for ya to get things started feeling good. Turn it up, let these voices work their magic as you rise and shine a little brighter this morning

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