Aug 16: Action is Everything



Remember last Friday's Daily Dose? It was a short, simple, powerful reminder:  

The time you have matters. 

This life, this morning, this hour, and the choices you make, matter. 


your challenge was to answer:

1: Where are you playing it safe and small lately?

2. List ways you can choose not to. It's that simple.


We saw alot of shares and tags on Instagram about it, and it was really rad to see it hit home for many of us in the community.

But we want to challenge you a bit further ---


Did you read that post, feel good, then step out and live a bit more fully this week? Dropped some of your walls holding you back?

Or have you stayed small, playing in your comfort zone?


Look at the list you made last Friday. Or if you didn't make the list, make it now.

It's one thing to read inspirational ideas that spark something in us, but if we don't do anything with those ideas, they are just noise. Inspiring, uplifting noise, but noise none the less.

And we know we don't need more clutter and noise in our lives. 

your challenge today:

take one risk, try one new thing today

Tell your partner or friend something that you have been holding back, stop holding it inside.

Ask for help with a goal or struggle you are having, others have been there too.

Take the first step towards a project or goal you have but you have been putting off.

Make an amazing breakfast or lunch if you are someone who never takes the time to make good food for your body.

Big or small it doesn't matter. But do it. Words and ideas are empty unless we act on them. 

Would love to know what you did -- drop a note in the Facebook group or email Jessa and let us know.

Now go. Get after it. 

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