Aug 15: Get Focused

Today, we have for you a quick checkin from Jay Shetty, Indian-English-American speaker and former monk. Maybe you have seen some of his videos, interviews, or his short film series Invisible World on Youtube. He also made the list of Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017.

Today we have a short clip where he lays out 5 ideas he uses to checkin with himself, to see where his life might be off balance or out of alignment. Watch the clip below, then come back here for your challenge. 

Your Challenge: explore those 5 questions for yourself.

Grab your notebook or paper. And spend 5 minutes free writing about the concepts Shetty outlines.

What is your Head in life?



3 Es:




Simple concepts, but sometimes simple can help us cut through and get down to the core, to what we really need, to what we really want in our life, or even just now, in this hour on this day.

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