Aug 14: Architect Your Day

Into the 2nd week now, and we want to know: how are your mornings going?

Are your mornings open and unstructured, or have you found a groovy, a routine that feels good?

What are you focusing on this month, what's your Summit?

Whether you are working towards a specific external goal, like writing a book or progressing at the gym, or something more personal like meditation and taking time to journal, building momentum and a feeling that we moving forward with our Summit is powerful.

A solid routine can't guarantee success, but it puts you in the best possible mindset to focus on what matters to you day after day. 

So, how is your routine feeling?

Locked in and solid? Or a little shaky?

Take a look at this post we came across by writer Loryn Thompson, where she shifts the way we think about routines.

She suggest that our routines are in fact cues, that help us be more creative, more productive and more focused on the projects and goals we know deep down that we want. Take a read, then come back here for a little challenge

Read it? Good.

today's challenge

Grab your notebook or a piece of paper and take 5 minutes to actually answer these questions below. If you already have a morning routine, let this process help you tweak it. If your routine needs a bit of help, today is the day to help yourself. Reading ideas is useless unless we actually act on them. 

  1. When you’re feeling your most productive, where do you tend to be?
  2. What time of day is it?
  3. What else is going on around you? Are you alone at home, in a buzzing work space cafe?
  4. What was your best morning last week, or in recent memory? Why? Break it down, list it.
  5. What simple cues--environment/workspace, time of day, small things you do befpre, that put you in the mindset to tackle your Summit? List them. Maybe its a long list, or maybe like Loryn Thompson, it's just 2.

Now, build these cues into you day, right now.

Maybe they fit into a morning routine, maybe a few in the AM and a few after work. The key is noticing how the little things actually make a huge difference in setting us up for getting after what we know we want. Make your mornings, your routines into something that supports you, and gets you where you want to go. 

And now, hit play on this chill morning jam while you get those thoughts churning....

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