Aug 9: One Choice

Think for a moment--

What do you want this month to feel like? What are you planning to get after to make it count as fully as you can? 

When we started planning this month's DED program, we reached out to friends and people we admire and learn from, and asked them the same question--What does it mean for you to make the most of your time, to make it count, without sacrificing your goals or missing out?

We were stoked to get back some pretty great responses, and see this conversation rippling through the community. 

One response today, from a friend and long-time member of the Chasing Sunrise community here in Vancouver: Liam Fisher.

His passion for helping others to live life through movement led him to do a BSc (Hons) Double Major in Exercise Physiology & Medical Physiology or in his own words  "a BSc in pickin' it up and puttin' it down, in both health and in sickness". This guy likes to get you moving and at the same time make sure you understand why you're doing it! He is also one of the most generous people we know, and has led wildly popular bootcamps for the Chasing Sunrise and DED communities here in Vancouver this year. So when he shared with us his thoughts, we wanted to share it with you too.

From Liam-

So. It’s already the second week of August.

 If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are getting shorter and summer is slipping away, which means we want you to make the most of every minute. You’re probably reading that and thinking awesome, more beaches, more friends, more life. Now don’t get me wrong, I want you to maximize those things too, but don’t forget about the habits and routines that will take you where you want to go.

For me it’s a fine line. Especially this last year.

Eight months ago my little sister passed away. She was a beacon of light, a magnet and giver of happiness. Through six years of brain surgeries, multiple rounds of chemo, and radiation she knew how to live life to the fullest and didn't let cancer slow her down or define how she lived her life. So learning from the best, with Riv on my shoulders, you can bet I like to get after it. The flip side is, I have a hard time saying no.

Now with the pressure of summer coming to a close, that desire to get the most out of every day becomes even more heightened. If you’re not careful you’ll put yourself on a trajectory headed straight for a crash, physically and emotionally.


The lesson for me: making the most of every minute, does not mean you have to do it all.

You can’t do it all, and that’s okay.


The slip doesn’t happen all at once, but ever so slowly. The little things turn into a big thing. It starts with the laundry piling up, running out of time to grab groceries, and the interior of my car starts to resemble a mountain of coffee cups. Then it’s missing out on the things I enjoy like listening to music, reading, taking my dog for hikes and instead settling for a quick lap at the park, and sleep. I love sleep.


Let me give you an example:

You finish work but instead of heading to the grocery store, this time you head to the beach to meet friends. You get home late and your room’s a mess, but hey, you’re still on top of things so you decide to stay up a little later and clean it up. You’ve got this. Next morning you wake up feeling tired and groggy so you hit the snooze button for an extra ten. Alarm goes and you're up. You go to get dressed but you realize in your haste cleaning, you put your clean and dirty clothes away in the same drawer just to get them off the floor. A little rushed you sort out an outfit and head to grab something out of the fridge. Shit, you forgot to grab groceries.

Oh well, you still have time to make a pit stop at the cafe on the way. But you get there and there's no parking. That's fine, you’re just ripping in and out so you pull into the loading zone for a minute. You grab a coffee and muffin, it doesn't fit with the nutrition plan you are trying to stick with, but hey it’s food, good to go. Walk out and bam, parking ticket! There goes that extra $100 you were saving for the road trip on the weekend. Now you really should take that overtime shift tomorrow, but damn you were supposed to go skate the seawall. Sound familiar?

Making the most of every minute is not doing it all. It is setting the intention to do what most aligns with your ultimate goals in that moment.

In this story, maybe you make one choice differently: rather than going to the beach, you stick to your plan.

You grab groceries, clean your room, you put aside food for tomorrow, and while you are cooking you come across this awesome new song you can’t wait to tell your friends about. Before you head to bed you pick out this fresh outfit for tomorrow, and dang you’re going to look good. All the while you realize that all that didn't actually take that long, and you might still even catch sunset with your friends.

The next day you wake up feeling charged, you’ve already put aside clothes for the morning, you have time to make a coffee and listen to that awesome new song. You get to work on time, no parking ticket, no stress, you don’t need to pick up that extra shift tomorrow. You can go skating, and you’re still good to go for that road trip on the weekend. It’s full circle. As cliche as it sounds, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” It’s a nasty cycle that’s easy to fall into, especially in this last month of summer.

So pick your big events that matter to you, and stay on top of the small things, the things you enjoy - music, reading, cooking, whatever it is.

Think of it like a bank--invest that time, and you’ll have earned enough to occasionally splurge, to be spontaneous and put the plans on hold for an evening of fun. But do it too often, and you’ll find yourself empty, missing out, and stressing about the things that matter most. So even though you’re "getting out there", if you're constantly stressing about it, are you really living your best life?

Live life to the fullest, but don't shy away from taking a breath, set intentions and stick to them. Make the most of every minute in a way that's true to your authentic self and have the best summer yet.

Your challenge for today?

Pick out your outfit for tomorrow. Do it now, or do it tonight before bed. But do it. 

This way you’ll save time in the morning, and lower the stress you feel at the start of your day.

Here's a reward for you this AM--a hot track that's been picking me up lately.

-- Liam 

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