June 26: Master The Art of Negative Visualization

In [a premortem], we look to envision what could go wrong... before we start.

Far too many ambitious undertakings fail for preventable reasons.
— Ryan Holiday

I have a scenario for you to think about this morning.

To get the most out of it though, you will want to grab a pen and paper.


Got it? Let's go.


Imagine this: you are 95 years old, right now, sitting quietly, alone, reflecting in a chair in your living room, and you suddenly realize that your life has been a spectacular failure. 


What went wrong?

Really think about it--where did your life go wrong? 


Practice answering that question for a few minutes and write down what comes to mind.

You should come away with three things:



1 – A visceral and clear image of what you will want to have accomplished in your life by that point, and who you'll want to have become.

2 – A bunch of flashes of the obstacles that might derail you in your life if you let them, or aren't prepared for them.  A list of regrets your 95-year-old self has, looking back.

2.5 – A solid and growing list of "F*** Thats!" i.e. Get locked into a dysfunctional relationship? F*** That! Letting my fitness slide and being unable to travel later in life? F*** That!

3 – A mental framework on how you want to handle points 2 & 2.5 to ensure you pull off all of your to-do's in point 1.


Let this be your roadmap

This list can help you get clear on the steps you want to take this week, this month, or this year to take your life where you want it to go. When you imagine life from this future point, it's a powerful way to cut through alot of our inner BS and prioritize what matters most. 


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Gordon Swenson