June 18 - What Does Your Dream Look Like?

We are in the second half of the program, and it's awesome to see how this is one of the most consistent groups going through DED in awhile. That doesn't mean we are all crushing it every morning, and for some of us there are days that didn't happen at all, but it's not about perfection. Overall we see the momentum this group is building individually and as a whole, and it is super cool to see.

But whether or not we are crushing it every morning or struggling, we all have reasons why we signed up. At this halfway point, it's time to refocus.

Whether the first half of the program was easy for you or a real struggle, there's so much that still lies ahead.

So first, I want you to pull out a piece of paper and a pen.


Go on, I'll wait.


Got it? Now, write out the Summit you planned for yourself when you started this month.


Next, what is the bigger dream that this summit is leading to?

If you don't know for sure, just try. Try to put into words the bigger desire you want that inspired your Summit.


Once that is written out, read it over. Does it feel true? Anything you want to change?

Now, with all this in mind, hit play on this short video featuring American author and motivational speaker Eric Thomas. He's loud, he's tough, but his words are a no BS reminder about getting serious about your life and what you want. It's worth it. 

Rise and Grind. 

Let's Do This.


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