June 8: The Key To A Great Life

The key to a great life is simply having a bunch of great days. So you can think about it one day at a time.
— Mr. Money Moustache

Pretty simple, isn't it?

You made it to the end of Week 1. Moving into the weekend, and all that's to come this month, wanted to take this chance to bring your thoughts back down to the present for a minute.

While we focus on larger goals, plans, steps towards the routines or projects we want, it's important to remember that this process is still, at its core, about the way we live each day.

Right now.

We don't live in the future or the past, although we plan for what's ahead and sometimes we dwell (a bit too much some days?) on what we left behind. We really only have this morning, here, right now.

So, get up, and aim to fully experience every minute of this morning.

Put down your phone and fully taste your tea or coffee without distraction

Look up, not down, as you walk outside this morning. What do you notice?

How you can show up a bit more fully today as you go out into the world?

Got a challenge for ya

Plan three small way you can reach out to someone else and make this single day a bit better for them, too

  • Text a friend and let them know why you appreciate them. Hell, text several friends and tell them. This will impact their day more than you know. Guaranteed.
  • Call your grandma, or your parents. Same as above.
  • Bring a treat or a coffee for your coworkers.

Make this day count, along the longer road to where you are heading.

This day is so young. Now, what do you want to do with it? 

As you get started, we have a morning jam that just feels like it was made for early summer mornings like this one....

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