June 5: The Biggest Question

Alright – who here is more excited about early mornings than you have been in a while?

*raises hand*

And, by chance, who here also already cut into their sleep by letting a late bedtime creep up on them?

*sheepishly raises hand again*

It happens.

Breaking old habits is hard. Starting steps towards new goals and dreams isn't easy. 

While these last few days have been about dreaming, setting intentions, planning, and getting our goals and systems together, all that planning isn't enough to get you there. 


Yesterday we asked you to dig deep and get clear on your Why-- why are you doing this? 

Odds are, its because there is something more you want in your life.

But the biggest question to help you get clear on your why isn't what do you want or how much do you want it. 

It's not about wanting the thing, but about wanting the struggle. 


To give you a few ideas and a little inspiration, take a read.

Mark Manson has a hack for stopping all the things you really shouldn't be caring about, and cutting through the BS to get to exactly what you really want. It's worth the read.

And of course, your morning jam...

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