May 24: Rethinking Your Goals

What goals did you set out for yourself this month for Damn Early Days? 

Were they new goals, or maybe building momentum on existing ones?

Maybe, like most of us, you have goals in many areas of life and you are hoping to grow in each of them over time.

When's the last time you wrote them down--on paper, or in your phone?

This morning, we want to ask you to do just that. 

Take 5 and write out the important goals in your life, as many as it takes to get them all down. 


Seriously. Do it. We'll wait.


Now, with your list in mind, hit play on this 3 minute video. It breaks down business mastermind Warren Buffet's approach to focusing on our goals and cutting through the noise. It's simple but powerful.

Give his strategy a try and see how it works for you. 


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